Afterbloom: Song of the Month

The 2nd track from Campfire Americana: Volume 1 is now available.

Afterbloom is a quick-hittin’ north country tune inspired by a good friend’s journey.  My dad always talks about the phases of life.  I think that played into the realization that we initially bloom as teenagers, then later on down the road, we can bloom again. I suppose it hits each person at a different time, if at all, but it is noticeable. The Afterbloom.  Wiser, deeper, more radiant than the initial bloom.

The song came to me quickly, one of the few in which I didn’t change a thing from the initial capture.  I had just got a new old guitar in Arizona and sat down on a Saturday morning with some coffee.  I had contemplated the word for a few weeks, but was traveling and without a guitar so didn’t have a chance to explore the word musically. Just a visual premise:

“Rejuvenation, recovery, balance, restoration, and self-reflection all taking place in a one-room cabin in the middle of nowhere in Northern Minnesota, maybe on the Baptism River.”

Filming the intro video was one of those weird, precious moments of coincidence.  I was taking some winter video footage while exploring in the Ely area, and as me and my friend Cody were walking the streets, we stumbled upon this amazing flowershop called Bloomers. They had recently discarded their bloomed flower petals on the snowy sidewalk.  The setting captured the combination of beauty and lifecycle that I was looking for.  Older flower petals that may have served some of their purpose on the stem, but were laying there, beautiful as ever, with a renewed purpose….noticeable.

We’ll have the song available for free on the music page until the next Campfire Americana: Volume 1 track is released.  Afterbloom is also available on popular media outlets such as Spotify, iTunes, and CD Baby.

Hope you enjoy it!  Please share it if you do.

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Copyright 2015 – Kraig James Music

When Jimmy came down from the mountain, His burlap was filled to the brim.
Some wood in his sack, yeah to heat up the shack, till the morning sun came in.

No visitors here, just the solace, and the pine-infused air to breath in.
It clears up his eyes, and he tries and he tries, not to give in…….to the gin.

It’s the Afterbloom, for him, shaken and stirred.
It’s the Afterboom, for him, balanced, and turned.

V3 :
And he said “Here goes everything, in the middle of nothing”.
In a little old shack with the voices, scared him straight again.

Tag final chorus with:
Balance, returned.

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