Campfire Americana: Volume 1 Announcement

DULUTH, MN.  February 1, 2016

Kraig James & the Campfire Stars announces its first single off the Campfire Americana: Volume 1 project.  The “Priney” North Country tune “Teardrops and Elephants” is digitally available on all popular media outlets including CD Baby, Spotify, iTunes, and on

Kraig James & the Campfire Stars

I’m excited to try a new way to distribute music. Instead of traditional methods of releasing an album, I am going to release one new song a month for a year.  The Campfire Americana: Volume 1 project will allow me and the Campfire Stars to celebrate the launch of each song, and make sharing each song a little more intimate.

We’ve got some winter songs, some summer songs, and a Christmas song, so being able to share them in concert with the season just feels right. In fact, the vocals to this first tune were recorded completely off-grid in an ice fishing shanty.

This was kind of a new year’s resolution and then one of the recording guru’s I follow, Graham Cochrane, had a 1 song, 1 month challenge.  I thought taking a song from idea to being published in a month was a great idea, so I’m extending it to the whole year and calling the project Campfire Americana: Volume 1. Each month, I’ll have a new song posted to my website for free and will include the lyrics, as well as a video with some background on the song.

I look forward to December 2016 to see how this whole thing shapes up, but for now, lets celebrate the first single, Teardrops and Elephants.  Here is a little video preview, and it will be streaming for free on my music page until the next song is released.