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About This Album (Liner Notes):

You know how it is when you’re going to have a campfire?  You call some friends and hope a few show up. You gather materials and hope they burn. You grab an old guitar and hope it doesn’t get stepped on. Put some Beam and beer in a cooler and hope it lasts.

Once things get rolling, the campfire dialogue is spirited and spontaneous.  Everyone participates, sharing their best stories, chiming in at the right times. The path of the campfire storyline is always unique, but each story builds from the previous one.  There is always that one guy who relates today’s fodder to how it was back in the day.

There is a constant connection to nature, especially the skies and stars above.  The animals whose voices carry from the dark distance – coyotes, wolves, loons, the occasional crickets and frogs – make cameos.  Later in the fire night, conversation slows and nature starts to dominate, as it should, in the quieter, sparse moments.  I literally cannot survive without those moments.

Campfire 1

This deliberate collection of tunes is my first campfire for you and the process of making this album mirrors a typical campfire journey.  It rocks and rolls like a spirited, spontaneous campfire dialogue while also delivering those reflective moments to help you connect to nature and its energies. It’s in lock-step harmony with the seasonal changes of the North Country.  The songs were recorded everywhere from ice fishing houses and cabins in Northern Minnesota, Parker’s home studio in Maine, Sacred Heart Studios in Duluth, MN, and Revelator Records in East Nashville, TN.  Best of all, some great Campfire Stars showed up at the fire to really bring these tunes to life.

Special thanks to God for delivering this music for me to share, my family for their support, the Campfire Stars who performed on the CD or joined me on stage, the sounds pros who captured and engineered the music, and the venues and radio stations who support live, original music.

Fire it Up!